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Our pretzels are easier to bite than most hard pretzels. We use only flour, water, yeast and salt. The flavored pretzels have herbs, real cheese and real butter added to the dough. No additives or shelf life extenders are ever used in our pretzels. We date them six months ahead when we make them. They keep best in an air tight metal or glass container. We will always ship our pretzels with at least four months before expiration. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee pretzels will not arrive unbroken.

  • Plain pretzels (P) are just that. No flavors added. There is salt on the pretzel. For no salt or extra salt see below. We no longer make extra dark. We sell the Unique brand extra dark pretzel because they make a better extra dark pretzel (this pretzel is on the regional pretzel page).
  • Herb pretzels (HP)are seasoned with oregano, basil, marjoram, parsley and garlic powder. They are also fat free.
  • Cheese pretzels (CP) have a combination of cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese. They have a lighter taste than most cheese snack products because we do not use yellow powdered cheese.
  • Brown butter pretzels (BB) are our twisted invention, and it is the personal favorite of most of our employees. Brown butter is butter that is cooked on medium heat until the solids separate and brown. This gives the butter a richer, nuttier flavor. In the Pennsylvania Dutch country, butter is typically browned before putting it on our potatoes, noodles and vegetables.

NOTE ON ORDERING Extra Salty or Unsalted (baldies) pretzels -- They are available special order on any of our flavors. Please be aware if you are on a salt restricted diet, there is significant salt on a pretzel you can not see. Our pretzel is cooked briefly in a highly concentrated salt water bath before baking. The brown outside of a pretzel is caused by the salt bath. There are two distinct flavors when you eat a pretzel, the no salt dough on the inside and the brown salt shell on the outside. To order a special amount or no salt on your pretzel, please note your requirements in the note box at the end of the order.

2 1/2 pound bulk box - one flavor
50-55 pretzels packed in one bag. Significant breakage possible.
Extra salty or baldies are not available in a bulk box because of breakage.
2 1/2 pound bulk box - assorted flavors
50-55 pretzels packed 2/pack to minimize breakage. If you choose assorted flavors, we send an equal quanity of our four flavors. To get a custom assortment, check as many flavors as you want.
  Brown Butter

The Gift Can Combos - Our pretzels and everyone else's pretzels packed in gift tins and boxes

Plain gold can with 14 ounces of pretzels (almost a pound) 14-16 pretzels.

For our 2 lb cans, the can designs below are available.

Our hand twisted pretzels packed two per bag. You can choose any combination of flavors. There are approximately 40-44 pretzels per can.
QTY Select Flavors Below.
Brown Butter
Assorted Flavors

GB#2 - Sweet & Salty Snack Grazer
Includes an assortment of 5 snack bags ( .20 lb. each) of pretzels made locally (Peanut Butter Pockets, A-Z Alphabet Pretzels, 9 Variety Pretzel Mix, Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces and Blueberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels. We also add 4 bags of 2 our hand twisted pretzel (one each of the four flavors). Two of our brown butter pretzels coated with Wilbur's premium chocolate and a 7 oz. container of our own caramel corn called Molasses Caramel Crunch. In warm weather we substitute additional snack bags. The chocolate and caramel corn are temperature sensitive.

GB#2- Sweet & Salty $27.00

GB#3 - Snack Attack Basket
An assortment of 15 small bags of assorted pretzels. The assortment is oat bran nuggets, sourdough nuggets, junior pretzels, honey mustard pieces, pretzel balls, white yogurt mini pretzels. Alphabet pretzels, Mini Milk pretzels, Mini dark pretzels, blueberry yogurt pretzels, raspberry yogurt pretzels, Little Cheesers, Peanut Butter Pockets, 9 Variety and Mustardy Variety.

GB#3 - Snack Attack Basket $26.00

GB#4 - All About Chocolate
This is a sampler of our best Wilbur chocolate coated pretzels. The gift basket includes 7 of our brown butter pretzels - 1 each of the following flavors - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter coated, a milk chocolate/peanut butter combo, a double dipper coated with caramel and chocolate and a double dipper coated with caramel and dark chocolate. There is a 1/3 pound of milk and dark chocolate pretzel clusters and 3 pretzel rods dipped in caramel and chocolate. Another pack of 3 pretzel rods are coated with chocolate and colored candy chips. We round out the selection with 2 packs of 3 smaller pretzels - the first is dark chocolate and mint and the second is M&Ms on milk chocolate. This will take care of the chocolate lover on your list. Please remember this is temperature sensitive. We can't guarantee quality if shipped to warm climates.

GB#4 - All About Chocolate. $50.00

GB#5 - Just Our Stuff
A gift basket filled with 'just our stuff' includes a sampling of our plain, herb, cheese and brown butter hard pretzels packed 2 per bag with 8 bags total. We add 5 assorted brown butter pretzels dipped in a 5 different Wilbur chocolates (milk, dark, white, peanut butter and a combo of milk and peanut butter). A 14 oz. of our very special Molasses Caramel Crunch is our version of old fashioned caramel corn with pretzels and peanuts and is very buttery. Please note - This is a cool weather gift. April through September, we substitute snack bags for the chocolate pretzels and caramel corn.

GB#5 - Just Our Stuff $35.00

For our 3 lb cans, the can designs below are available.

Our hand twisted pretzels packed two per bag. You can choose any combination of flavors. There are approximately 60 - 66 pretzels per can.
QTY Select Flavors Below.
Brown Butter
Assorted Flavors

GOBOX - Pretzel Party to Go
Almost 10 pounds of pretzels for the game or party - just add cheese, dip and beverages. The box includes a sampler bag of our hard pretzels and one pound each of the following:

  • Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces
  • Honey Wheat Braids
  • Sour Dough Nuggets
  • 9 Variety Pretzels
  • Peanut Butter Pockets
  • Little Cheesers
  • Mini Pretzel Balls
  • Butter Braids
  • Mixed Milk and Dark Mini Chocolate Pretzels
GOBOX Pretzel Party to Go $50.00

GBCHOC - For Chocolate Fans
Chocolate fans will like this collection. There are 3 brown butter pretzels covered with Wilburs chocolate (1 each milk, dark and white). There are three small bags of mini pretzels coated with chocolate (1 each milk, dark and milk with toffee chips). We top it with a pack of three thin pretzels coated with Wilburs mint chocolate. A great little gift to have on hand for a last minute gift.

GBCHOC - For Chocolate Fans $20.00

We can customize gift packages for you. Please give us a call if you want to substitute something. If you have a certain dollar amount or a special group or people to please, we would love to help you. Please call so we can discuss larger orders. There is a $2 handling charge to each address. We ship USPS and charge you the exact shipping charge.

Parcel post only available for shipments going to Zones 5-9

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