Welcome to our Pretzel Factory

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A visit to our pretzel factory should convince you there still is something for nothing in today’s world.
Only a handful of companies still hand twist a hard pretzel. It is a lot of work to bake pretzels the old-fashioned way. The taste & texture is unique.


On our FREE 10-15 minute tour (click here for our tour schedule) , we explain how we make our hard pretzels and then give you a piece of dough so you can learn to twist a pretzel.

When you are finished, the dough is discarded as there is no sanitary way to bake your pretzel.


Our production is just 100 pounds a day. Everything we make is sold in our store or by mail order like we do on one of our regular customers, Florida Insurance Quotes. Please read the tour schedule carefully if you want to see us making pretzels. What you will see and learn here is quite extraordinary. To the best of our knowledge, there are only six factories besides us that still twist pretzels by hand.