What is the difference between hard and soft pretzels?

Hard pretzels are baked twice and completely dry. Soft pretzels are baked for four minutes and are soft because of the moisture content.

What is the shelf life of your pretzels?

Hard pretzels last 6 months in an air tight container – preferably metal or glass. Soft pretzels last 2-4 hours because there is no shortening in the dough.

Why don’t you make pretzels with a machine?

The difference between a hand twisted or machine made pretzel is the same as the difference between a store cookie and a homemade cookie. I know which one I want to eat. Only 6 companies beside us still hand twist pretzels.

How old is your business?

We opened in October of 1995.

Where can we buy your pretzel?

Our pretzel is for sale only in our store or by mail order. Our production i
s very small; therefore, we wholesale to no one. A few local hotels have our pretzel as a special welcome gift.

What is brown butter?

Technically, it is browned butter. Locally we say brown butter. You put butter on tfaq1he stove to melt it, but leave it on medium heat for a few minutes until the solids fall to the
bottom of the pan. The butter foams up a bit as the moisture evaporates and the solids turn
brown. This process intensifies the butter flavor giving it a richer, nutty undertone. We brown our butter for our noodles, potatoes and vegetables.

What is a brown butter pretzel?

We put brown butter in the dough. This gives the pretzel a cakier texture and is the easiest to bite. As far as we know, we have the only butter pretzel flavored exclusively with real butter and no additional flavors or additives.

Do any of the products you make have peanut oil in them?

Our pretzels are not made with oil; however, we pack many regional pretzels made by others in our factory. We can not assure you that there would not be a trace of peanut butter or oil in any of our products. We do not have a dedicated area for just packing. If allergies are a concern, we do not recommend our pretzels.

Do you have any kosher products?

– No

Do you tell the religious origin of the pretzel?

faq2The earliest known pretzel is from the 7th century. It is said the pretzel was used as a little reward by the monks for children saying their prayers. In that time period monasteries did the baking, and it seems a logical conclusion. Pretiola was the original word that meant pretzel and they say the origin of the word is little reward. We focus instead on the baking method for a pretzel. As scratch cooking disappears and convenience foods are the norm, we hope that a little baking knowledge might encourage someone else to attempt to create something made with basic ingredients.

Can you heat a hard pretzel and make it soft again?

You heat up stale bread to freshen it. The fat or shortening in the product allows that to happen. Pretzels are baked twice. The second baking is in a low oven to completely dry the pretzel. There is no way to make that pretzel soft.

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