Tours are available for your group Monday thru Saturday 9-5. However, please refer to the our general schedule if you would like a time when the factory is operating. You should allow 30-45 minutes on the property.

For groups of 15 of more we offer a free tour with an appointment and with the stipulation a minimum of 15 minutes will be allowed for shopping in our store. If you are short of time on your schedule or you have a children’s group with a no spend policy, there is a $1 charge per person.

Please call us for a time Monday through Saturday 9-5. The time you pick is very important. We offer tours to the public and have to coordinate timing so everyone is happy. If you pick 10 AM, we are ready for you from 9:55 to 10:05. If you are going to be off schedule, please call us and we will try to schedule you at a different time. We have very limited parking for busses. Your schedule is important when including us in your itinerary. The Old Candle Barn is about a half block from our door. Kitchen Kettle is one block west. If there is more than one bus in your group, you may want to consider visiting both places. Everything in our factory happens in one room, so we are not a walking tour. We can comfortably accommodate one bus at a time, and a tour is 15 minutes. Other than June thru August, we can do tours to multiple busses back to back. Unfortunately, this also means we can not always accommodate your schedule if we have too many reservations. Please call, fax or email your reservation request.

There are additional shops in this complex that your group may enjoy. Dolly Bodacious is an antique store connected to the pretzel factory. There is an interesting selection of glassware, linens, jewelry and old books.