All one pound (except as noted). This is a listing of our best selling pretzels that are made by others by machine. We can not promise pretzels will arrive unbroken. We pack as carefully as we can. Everything we have in our store is available by mail order. There is a $2.00 handling charge per shipping address. We charge actual shipping cost and ship US Postal service.

9mix  9 Variety Pretzel Sampler 9 types of small pretzels
512351 Alphabet Pretzels 1″ letter shaped pretzels – Popular item with preschools and grandparents. Make up a spelling game at snack time!
532133  Animal Crackers – about 1″ in size and very popular with children. The taste is a plain vanilla cookie taste.
512555  Burnt Splitz – We always had a jar of burnt pretzels at home for upset stomachs. It still works for me. This is the only dark burnt pretzel we offer, because we think it is the best. (11 oz)
512328  Butter Braided Pretzels
512146  Chocolate pretzel grahams – These mini pretzel shaped graham crackers have a dark chocolate taste.
512116  Cinnamon Honey Graham pretzels – These mini graham shaped pretzels have a nice cinnamon honey flavor.
512424  Cinnamon and Sugar Pretzel Sticks
512190  Chocolate Covered Pretzels Milk
512185  Chocolate Covered Pretzels Milk with Toffee Chips
641756  Chocolate Covered Pretzels Dark
512200  Honey Mustard Pretzels
512345  Honey Wheat Twisted Braids
512400  Little Cheesers Cheesy Pretzels
512202  Mustardy Pretzel Variety Mix
512358  Mini Pretzel Balls
512105  Oat Bran Pretzel Nuggets
512155  Peanut Butter Coated Mini Pretzels – Wonderful toasted peanut butter flavored coating will have you reaching for another on and another one.
512350  Peanut Butter Pocket Pretzels Nuggets
 512651  Pretzel Rings -1 lb. Appr. 1 1/4″ diam -used to make candy
512256  Pretzel Rods (10 oz) – Please note we can not promise there will be no broken rods. Every package has at least one broken pretzel in it when we receive it.
512270  Sourdough Pretzels Nuggets
512333  Teeny Tiny Pretzels
512600  Wege Broken Pretzels (18 oz)
608500  Blueberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels
608515  Cinnamon Yogurt Covered Pretzels
608505  Raspberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels
608161  White Yogurt Covered Pretzels