We have two sizes of sugar crystals for decorating. The crystal sugar has a big flake. It is a ¼ pound and measures a generous ½ cup. The sanding sugar has a very fine flake. It is packaged at .30 pound (5 ounces) and measures a generous ½ cup. I am showing it on mini cupcakes, but your imagination can find many opportunities to jazz something up. Rim a margarita glass or a small serving bowls for condiments on your buffet with colored sugar, roll a cookie in colored sugar instead of white before baking – Do I have your thinking? We mixed a few sugar and sprinkle combos and have pictures to give you ideas.

Shipping charges are hard to calculate on this category. If you are ordering just a couple of items, the freight will calculate correctly. A larger order of light weight items will calculate an inflated rate. Do not worry, we charge $2 to pack your order and the exact postage. We simply charge you a lesser amount when we process your credit card. If you wish, in the message box on the order page, you can ask us to verify your shipping rate via email before we process the order.

Sprinkles are all packed in .20 pound containers, which is a bit more than 3 ounces and almost ¾ cup of sprinkles! They have no flavor except for the peppermint flavored candy cane. PLEASE NOTE ALL PICTURES OF SPRINKLES ARE TAKEN ON MINI CUPCAKES 1 ½” in DIAMETER. Sprinkles are made of rice flour and last for a couple of seasons as long as you keep them in dry cool place. Do not store them in the refrigerator or freezer because they will get sticky from the moisture.

DECORATIVE DRAGEES are hard to find. They are hard little balls or pearls usually used on cookies.They have no flavor and keep for a long time in a cool, dry place. They are packed .20 pound or a bit more the 3 ounces, and they measure ½ cup by volume. The exterior coloring causes the difference in price.